Headwaters of Allegheny River in Potter County. Flikr photo.

Like the Allegheny River, The Allegheny Voice begins small, barely a seep in a meadow.

Our mission here is to serve the Allegheny River watershed ecosystem, including all its communities, natural and human.

We know the River has its own many voices, from the miles of whispering flat water, to the shouts of rare rapids, to the angry roar at the outflow below Kinzua Dam. While we cannot improve on the River’s natural voices, perhaps we can use our human voices, from time to time, to speak on behalf of the River. Or at least to speak for those love the River, who refuse to sacrifice ecosystems to economics, and for those who believe the River has the natural right to flow free and to flourish from that meadow in Potter County to Point Park in Pittsburg.

So we begin here. A trickle.

We hope you join us.

Dangerous PA conventional oil & gas bills create loopholes; engender pollution

From The Earthblog
By Melissa Troutman – June 26, 2019

Tanker truck spreads oil and gas wastewater on gravel road

Pennsylvania’s oil and gas politicians are back at their old tricks of turning back the clock on protections for air, water, health, and the climate. Just like when they killed important new regulations for the conventional oil and gas industry.

 SB 790 and HB 1635, introduced by Senator Joseph Scarnati (R-25, Brockway) and Representative Martin Causer (R-67, Turtlepoint),  would have created “environmental and public health risks and [loosen] current environmental protections to the point, in some cases, of nullification” – that’s according to Pennsylvania’s own Department of Environmental Protection (PA DEP). 

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Grant Township vs. Goliath

From The Hawkeye

By Stacy Long, Grant Township Supervisor
June 20, 2019

Injection well in Grant Township
Proposed injection well site, Mill Run Road, Grant Township, Indiana County. Photo by Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Injection wells are the dictionary definition of “detrimental.”  That’s why Grant Township adopted a Home Rule Charter to protect ourselves against detriments like the proposed injection well.

  • “Detrimental” is invisible toxic fumes, a five-acre plant with barrels of cancer-causing and flammable bactericides and injectates on-site.
  • “Detrimental” is 13-hour-a day/7-day-a-week truck traffic on curving township roads and the diesel fumes and spills that will follow.
  • “Detrimental” is the radioactive waste slated for permanent storage in our watershed, put there by corporate serial polluter PGE, which never has operated an injection well, is regulated by an agency underfunded by Pennsylvania taxpayers and is captive to industry.