Dangerous PA conventional oil & gas bills create loopholes; engender pollution

From The Earthblog
By Melissa Troutman – June 26, 2019

Tanker truck spreads oil and gas wastewater on gravel road

Pennsylvania’s oil and gas politicians are back at their old tricks of turning back the clock on protections for air, water, health, and the climate. Just like when they killed important new regulations for the conventional oil and gas industry.

 SB 790 and HB 1635, introduced by Senator Joseph Scarnati (R-25, Brockway) and Representative Martin Causer (R-67, Turtlepoint),  would have created “environmental and public health risks and [loosen] current environmental protections to the point, in some cases, of nullification” – that’s according to Pennsylvania’s own Department of Environmental Protection (PA DEP). 

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