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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Healthy children more important than gas fracking

By Edward C. Ketyer, M.D.

The writer is a medical consultant for SWPA Environmental Health Project and a board member of Physicians for Social Responsibility PA. He assisted in editing the 6th edition of PSR’s fracking science compendium.

From the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Aug 9,2019


Public Herald: Pennsylvania is Discharging Radioactive Fracking Waste Into Rivers As Landfill Leachate, Impacting The Chesapeake Bay & Ohio River Watersheds

Published August 2019

By  Joshua B. Pribanic and Talia Wiener for Public Herald, edited by Melissa Troutman

A Public Herald investigation has uncovered that DEP is allowing 14 Sewage Waste Treatment Plants to discharge radioactive fracking waste as landfill leachate into 13 Pennsylvania Waterways. . . MORE

The Hawkeye: Grant Township v. Goliath

By Stacy Long, Grant Township Supervisor

Proposed injection well site, Mill Run Road, Grant Township, Indiana County. Photo by Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Injection wells are the dictionary definition of “detrimental.”  That’s why Grant Township adopted a Home Rule Charter to protect ourselves against detriments like the proposed injection well.

  • “Detrimental” is invisible toxic fumes, a five-acre plant with barrels of cancer-causing and flammable bactericides and injectates on-site.
  • “Detrimental” is 13-hour-a day/7-day-a-week truck traffic on curving township roads and the diesel fumes and spills that will follow.
  • “Detrimental” is the radioactive waste slated for permanent storage in our watershed, put there by corporate serial polluter PGE, which never has operated an injection well, is regulated by an agency underfunded by Pennsylvania taxpayers and is captive to industry. . . . MORE

PA ENVIRONMENT DIGEST BLOG: Is This What We Expect From Our Government?

By Dr. Richard Kaplan – July 15, 2019

I recently got an email from Gov. Wolf extolling the virtues of the new PA budget; he notes that the budget “makes investments without raising taxes one cent.” His list of the programs fails to mention the environment nor does he mention the inclusion of the Legislature’s ban on any local actions to tax and/or ban plastic bags. . . . MORE

EARTHblog: Dangerous PA conventional oil & gas bills create loopholes; engender pollution

by Melissa Troutman – June 26, 2019

Pennsylvania’s oil and gas politicians are back at their old tricks of turning back the clock on protections for air, water, health, and the climate. Just like when they killed important new regulations for the conventional oil and gas industry. . . . MORE