DEP Public Meeting for Warren Generating Station Permit will not be anytime soon

WARREN COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA – The public information meeting promised by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) for the proposed Warren Generating Station draft permit will not happen “anytime soon,” according to Tom Decker, Community Relations Coordinator at the DEP Northwestern Regional Office. 

He says the permit will be “re-drafted,” then there will be an announcement in the Pennsylvania Bulletin listing dates for the new comment period. But that will not be in the near future because DEP is still sifting through the large number of comments received during the original comment period.

A group providing counsel and support to local citizens in Warren County, the Environmental Integrity Project (EIP), recommends that county residents inquire by e-mail with DEP on a frequent basis. Use email, not phone calls, since it is useful for legal reasons, or whenever addressing issues with a government agency, to create a dated paper trail.

EIP recommends sending an email to DEP every 21 days inquiring about the permit for Warren Generating Station. In particular, ask the following:

  • What date will DEP present a Public Information Meeting in Warren County about the permit for Warren Generating Station?
  • When will a new comment period open for the re-draft of the Permit?

EIP reminds us that we want DEP to carefully review the public comments submitted thus far, but we don’t want DEP to endlessly delay the re-draft and public information meeting. After all, mitigating pollution from the coal ash is an urgent problem. The longer the delay, the more pollution might find its way into the Allegheny River.

Who to contact at DEP

Address emails to Justin Dickey, and cc emails to Tom Decker as well as to Mr. Dickey’s supervisor, John Holden. See below:

You may also want to bookmark the DEP webpage on the Warren Generating Station and check it for updates.

All those who submitted comments on the issue of discharging coal ash into the Allegheny River during the last comment period should be recognized and applauded for their thoughtful, timely efforts. It’s clear we all love our river!

Contact elected officials

Also, remember to urge local and state elected officials to support permanent and effective cleanup of coal ash stored at the Warren Generating Station. Politely demand their support. We must have zero tolerance for pollution of the Allegheny River.

Contact Warren County Commissioners

Contact Warren County Legislators

Contact Governor Wolf

Governor Tom Wolf at 717-787-2500, or use this contact form.

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