Black Friday Alternative

Photo by Akil Mazumder

It is Black Friday—a day so important we now capitalize it!

But before you brave the stampedes buying big-screens, pocket screens, and lap screens, pause to remember that unbridled consumerism is driving the climate crisis past the tipping point. Instead, consider giving the gift of life by planting a tree.

According to a recent article in Science, planting one trillion trees—that’s approximately 150 trees for every human—can significantly reduce carbon loading in the atmosphere.

So consider using a micro-gram of your personal carbon footprint to power a Google search (or DuckDuckGo search) of organizations that are planting trees to help reverse climate change.

Better yet, use the Ecosia search engine, which uses their profits to plant trees—75 million trees so far, and counting.

Purchasing a tree-planting gift certificate for a friend or loved one will mean more to many than any bad tie or pair of fuzzy house slippers … or even a new screen.

Happy tree planting!

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