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Map of Allegheny River
Counties in the Allegheny River Watershed.

The Allegheny Voice focuses on environmental issues affecting the Allegheny River Watershed in western Pennsylvania and western New York by providing an alternative to the small newspapers in the rural counties, which generally ignore environmental issues or side with commercial interests, especially the oil and gas industry.

While New York State and Pennsylvania environmental politics deserve scrutiny, The Allegheny Voice aims to give special attention to local environmental politics of Allegheny River towns and counties.

The Allegheny River Counties in New York State are Chautauqua, Cattaraugus, and Allegany.

In Pennsylvania, the Counties in the Allegheny River Watershed are Potter, McKean, Warren, Crawford, Erie, Forest, Elk, Clearfield, Venango, Clarion, Jefferson, Armstrong, Butler, Indiana, Westmoreland, Cambria, Somerset, and Allegheny.

Lend Us Your Voice

If you live in the Allegheny Watershed, lend us your voice. We seek content contributions, including original journalism, essays, blog posts, photos, and video that explore environmental issues within the Allegheny River Watershed (or nearby watersheds) or prominent national and international issues with relevance to the Allegheny River Watershed. We especially hope to serve individuals and groups who are ignored or rejected by local newspapers.

Whistleblowers and Anonymous Contributors

If you are an environmental whistleblower, or if you prefer to publish under a pen name, we will work with you to maintain your privacy. Contact editor@alleghenyvoice.com.

We Publish Opposing Views

We also welcome contrary opinions. If leaving a comment is just not enough, send us your opposing view and we will give it the same feature attention as our other posts, and to the extent compliance with the law allows, we will print your opposing view without edits (or with your approved edits).

Submit original written content and photos to editor@alleghenyvoice.com. Please upload original video content to YouTube, then send us a link so we can review it.

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